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SOS Elephants is involved in several different conservation strategies to help conserve elephant populations.
Here are just a few of the most notable conservation strategies we are using.
The Corridor Project:
SOS Elephants is working on providing a network of corridors that will enable elephants to move safely between
protected areas protecting habitats critical for elephant survival and reducing elephant/human conflicts.
Elephant passages are easy to identify and the elephants like to frequent these passages. The problem is that
due to growing human populations, communities have slowly over the years encroached upon these passages
the elephants use. SOS Elephants goal is to relocate these farms, and rehabilitate the habitat so that elephants
have safe corridors to travel and live in. The ultimate goal would be to declare these lands a conservancy with
no human presence and employ rangers from local communities to protect the elephants and their corridors.
DNA Detectives:
Today some countries in Africa are losing up to 90% of the elephant populations. Conservationists are
desperately searching for new ways to save elephants and compete with the well funded poaching task forces.
DNA may be the answer. Poachers today are well funded and heavily armed. Rangers do everything in their
power to protect elephants from falling under the fire of poachers, but most times arrive to the crime scene
to late. Poachers have satellites, helicopters, planes, and semi automatic weapons. They waste no time getting
the “white gold” they came for, using chain saws to cut the tusks from the faces of elephants, which are often
still alive. Within a matter of minutes they are gone. DNA fingerprinting may be a way that we can catch up to
these poachers.
The Elephant Orphanage:
SOS Elephants has started an orphanage for baby elephants who are orphaned after their mothers are
slaughtered by poachers. Our hopes are that all theses elephants can one day be reintroduced to the wild.  In
the mean time we will do everything in our power to care for them, show them love, and keep them safe.
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How it works is we collect samples of tissue from slaughtered elephants. Then we send the samples to a lab
that does the DNA testing and buts the data into a database. When Ivory is seized by rangers, or government
officials they take the ivory and have it tested for the DNA. They search the DNA databases all over Africa. And
if it is to a match of a slaughtered or poached elephant they have their killers, and will hopefully result in arrests.
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