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Anti Poaching
1) Right now most of the anti-poaching teams in Chad are mainly soldiers from the State. These soldiers are
doing an amazing job. However there are areas that are not protected and heavily populated by elephants. Our
goal is to get rangers from local communities to protect these areas. We want to provide them with salaries,
vehicles, phones, and any other equipment needed for the job.
SOS Elephants most notable efforts are to put an end to the
slaughter of Chad’s elephants. We have been working very closely
with the Head of State himself Idriss Déby Itno , who is very
passionate about the survival and future of the elephants in Chad. 
We are in the field daily working to put an end to poaching. We
have set up several goals that we are hoping to accomplish in the
near future.
Anti Poaching
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Anti Poaching
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2) We are hoping to get more help from anti-poaching specialist here in Chad who can train our Rangers in the
most current anti-poaching techniques.
3) We are hiring individuals in local communities who can inform us about the suspected presence poachers.
4) We are setting up a reward fund for individuals who come forward with information that leads to the arrest
of a poacher.
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